Prints Charming

by Kéla Walker

Pulling off prints on prints is an art.  There are few people that can pull the mixing and matching of prints with ease. Solange of course is the first that comes to mind.   

  Solange is the mis master.   I mean there aren’t too many people that can solange it.  (Yes I just referred to Solange & her style as a verb) She inspired this look.  I wanted to do something a little cool and quirky with these pants and loved the idea of prints on prints.   I can’t lie,  I was a little leery about combining these two prints together but images of Solange kept popping up in my head & encouraging me to go for it. And you know what,  I’m so digging it.   I totally solanged it! Another stylish lady that inspired me is fellow blogger & Kutie Tiffany of The Werk Place.  Like Solange, she too is a prints charming,  mixing and matching prints with precision. I lover her style. I’m always in awe of the pieces she pairs together – especially when she does it with a piece I own and in a way I never thought of.  Also I love that her mixing and matching is always sharp and polished- very sophisticated chic.   Yep she definitely inspired today’s look.  Check her out along with the other bloggers in my blog roll to the right, under the Kéla’s Love section. They all inspire me in one way or another. BTW,  if your favorite bloggers don’t inspire you, (myself included)  you’re not following the right ones.  I’m just saying. Anyway, I think the trick  to wearing prints on prints is to stick to one color.  You can’t necessarily match a print to print but pick a color and stick to that color scheme or pair it with a print that has a complimenting color.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Coat & Bag(Komparable) ~ Zara | Blouse ~ JCPenney | Pants ~ H&M (komparable) |
Shoes ~ Christian Louboutin ( very old) | Lip Stick ~ Makeup Forever 40 – Satin Bright Orange 

Get the Look in Your Kloset

What do you think about today’s prints on prints/ mix and match look?
Keep it or Kan it.
What are the keys to a good solange look .