Snuggle Up with the Blanket Scarf Trend

by Kéla Walker

Can we take a moment to talk about this huge blanket scarf trend happening right now? I gotta admit I wasn’t a fan at first but with temperatures reaching single digits as of late, I’ve snuggled up to the idea. I thought we saw the best of it with Burberry but then Lenny Kravitz hit the streets in the mother of all blanket scarves showing just how big the trend is- literally.

Kontinue to see how you can get the blanket scarf trend look for less and transform your outerwear.

As is, I am a big scarf person, like never leave home without one, but I wasn’t quite sure about this whole blanket scarf thing.  It’s not your average strip of material but indeed a big chunk of fabric – like a mini blanket. At first I felt like it was a bit too much to handle but then winter hit and I went for cover under one and all that doubt went out the window.  Now I’ve come to love it for the same reason that I was unsure about it. It’s so warm, cozy and comfy just like that blanket at home you don’t want to come out from under.  I’ve also come to love the versatility of it.  Not only can you wrap up in it and wear it like cape or shawl but because of the mass it makes all your old outerwear look new again. It’s kind of like getting a new coat for a lot less.

Today’s Kloset Pull

 Coat ~ Dolce & Gabbana | Shoes ~ old  Zara | Blanket Scarf ~ Zara | Hat ~ H&M
Purse ~ Target

Get the Look In Your Kloset

What do you think of the huge blanket scarf trend? Are you going for cover under the look?