This or That : Kim Kardashian’s Open Toe Over the Knee Boots

by Kéla Walker

When Kim Kardashion stepped out in these  Yeezy over the knee boots, folks when a little cray.  I can’t lie these boots are FIRE! Her body too but lets focus on the boots folks. The open toe over the knee boots also have an open heel making them great footwear to transition from Summer to Fall.  Heck since Kim’s worn them everyone form Karruche Tran to Christy Teigan have stepped out in the Yeezy footwear.  Not I want to try them but priced at nearly $1000, that’s a bit too much for my budget or any average fashionista, for that matter.   I cant get with that but I can get with this look for less after the cut

If you are into the Yeezy over the knee boots and balling like Kim Kardashian and ‘em then by all means, do you boo.  They’re available here and Yeezy’s store here.



You can get with THAT or you can get with THIS for significantly less and keep a lot more money in the bank and pay your rent and what not.
Try these Yeezy Inspired Open Toe Over the Knee Boots With Open Heel

Which one would you rather try- That pair Kim Kardashian wore for 1000 bucks of this look for less pair for lss than $200?