When In Doubt… Selfie Your #OOTD 

by Kéla Walker

Sometimes I have a legit struggle capturing #ootd photos (despite how things may appear) especially when I’m traveling like on my trip tp LA earlier this summer. But where there is a will (and a mirror and/or selfie camera) there is a way.

Kontinue to for my selfie shoot and the deets on this look

I took these pictures a few weeks ago- more like a couple of months – during my work trip to LA.  In I meant to share them then but life got in the way and the whole #FTSU and whelp, they seemed to old to post.  Then I remembered this is my site and I can pretty much do what I want to do and post whenever I want . Also, I  might have questioned the quality of the photos  but whatever I looked super kute and this look is just as relevant now as it was when I snapped them so I am sharing them now.   I was on my way out for an LA night and wanted to capture my look. Oh but the struggle to capture an #ootd or in this case #ootn

  I don’t have the fortunate of traveling with a photographer- eel at least not one dedicate to my personal needs.   In NYC, I work with my guy so it’s super easy but Im traveling UGH. It’s a little annoying asking people to take your picture all them time. Not to mention how annoying it can be to the people I’m traveling with.  There are but so many times you can ask the same person ” Can you take my picture, please”. Me being Me, I expect more than a picture but a mini photoshoot. Everybody aint got the patience for that, not to mention most people don’t even take good picture. It’s a skill not everyone posesses which goes back to it being annoying to ask people.  All of that to say there were a lot of selfie shoots on this trip

  Then there were those moments in LA when I would say eff it and ask my work hubby, and notable photographer Rome to snap a pict or two for me. I know you’re thinking why not just have him do your photoshoots. Nah.  You see this is his craft and I never want to offend him or abuse our relationship by asking  him to take my pictures for me for free. Capturing someone’s image is his livelihood- he aint just doing it for the gram.  But on occasion I will pass him my iPhone and ask him to capture my kuteness.

But even on those occasion whether with a stranger or not- folks aren’t not going to capture the details of your look- you know the little things that make your distinct style.  In this case, these crystal multi finger rings that I’ve been wearing like nail polish this summer.  I LOVE THEM but fast forward to now and I’ve already lost them.


Like I mentioned this look is just as relevant now as it was when I wore it in LA.  Only there can you think about wearing a mock neck shirt at the beginning of summer,  the equivalent to a Fall day in NYC.  Needless to say I will definitely be repeating this look in a couple of weeks as the City cools off.

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Top & Pants ~ H&M | Shoes ~Steve Madden | Purse ~ Monica Chiang  | Lip ~ Nars Train Blu

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