Post Vacationing ~ Floral Midi Dress

by Kéla Walker

I wear this exact dress on the first day back to work after vacation. It’s my post vacation dress that never fails me!

The dress itself is more than 5 years old but its like new after every vacation.  Greece (2006) Thailand (2007) Turkey (2008) Bali (2009) and now Costa Rica. No matter the destination, I always get the same question, ” Did you buy that from there? It never fails.  I love it!  The dress nicely shows off my tan and feels just as carefree as I was on vacation. Its my post vacation look!


 What’s your post vacation look?

Dress ~ Plenty by Tracy Reese (love this one)
Shoes ~ Banana Republic
Bracelets ~ Hermes & ABS by Allen Schwartz
Bag ~ DvF