Shop Kéla’s Kloset on PoshMark

by Kéla Walker

So many of you have asked to shop my kloset.  Joking or not, the moment is finally here and now you can officially shop Kéla’s Kloset on Poshmark – or at least the pieces I’m trying to get rid of from my kloset.  I have a hard time letting things go but atlast space and a reality check are forcing me to part with with a few things, so relish in this moment.   After compiling a mountain of clothes in the corner of my apartment I figured I would list a few things on Poshmark  to see how well they would be received.

Kelas Kloset on Poshmark

Many of the pieces in my PoshMark closet have been seen right here on the site while many others are still new with the tag and have never seen the light of day like this show stopping fur sleeve coat or this uber cute fit and flare dress. Im adding stuff daily so go ahead and check out my Poshmark closet- conveniently named @KelasKloset.