Why I Love Poshmark and Think You Should Too

by Kéla Walker

Nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t buy, that is until Poshmark. By the time I figured out I wanted this Peter Pilloto for Target romper, it was sold out.  Postmark to the rescue. I found this sold out number for a mere 11 bucks on the site- brand new with the tags still attached. SWEET!!! It’s just one of the reason why I adore Postmark

Poshmark is like eBay for bloggers and fashion feigns. As of late, it’s the first place I turn to when I’m on the hunt for something I missed instore. eBay is just way too crowded and Poshmark is very specific to fashion. You can find both new and used pieces from by  favorite brands. I’ve spotted a few blogger favorites – Chanel of Chanel Files, Olivia of Corporate Catwalk  unloading their threads on the site.

(This Poshmark find  has accompanied me on my island trips  to Jamaica and St Croix)

 It’s true what they say, one’s trash is another’s treasure.  I’ve also been selling a few goodies on the site. It’s been a great way to clean out my closet, getting rid of things I no longer wear or need. Check out my Postmark closet which include pieces you’ve seen here on the kloset and others never worn before. You might just stumble upon your own treasure.

Have you shopped on Postmark before? Are you a fan of the fashion selling site?