Sequin Pants Classy Enough to See the Light of Day

by Kéla Walker

Wonderful. Spectacular. Amazing- only begin to describe how FABULOUS these sequin pants are. OMG. I LIVE.  I stumbled upon them while later night internet surfing – ok, I was window shopping- and lost all focus. I think I even checked out immediately after putting them in my shopping cart – something I never do. Most times I cart a bunch of stuff and do a process of elimination at the end but I wasted no time getting these shiny things in my kloset. I know, I KNOW-Sequin pants. What am I thinking,  right? These wide leg/trouser pair were just too awesome to pass up. The cut, the slate grey color and flowing style… I got them in the mail this weekend and they are just as awesome in person.  I can’t wait to style them and wear them out (love the model look) . Where I’m going in sequin pants… I don’t know, but you can bet wherever it is, I’ll be quite dazzling.

Get the Look in Your Kloset

What do you think of these sequin pants.  Was I wrong to rush to buy them?