About Time

by Kéla Walker

I love a great love story which is why I jumped at the chance to attend a screening of the new movie ABOUT TIME, a film from the director of Love Actually. As if that wasn’t enough to lure me in, ABOUT TIME’s leading lady Rachel McAdams (Mary) surely was. She’s the reigning princess of modern day love stories. I’ve yet to see a film she’s in that I didn’t love.

About Time film

 Kontinue to see why the movie ABOUT TIME has been added to my favorite films list.

ABOUT TIME is just as kute as you can imagine. Mary falls in love with Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) a man that can travel through time (deja vu) and uses his special ability to convince Mary to fall in love with him again – amongst other things. Sounds kind of crazy but who of us wouldn’t want a guy that loves you so much he’d do it all over again if necessary?  I mean really HOW SWEET AND ROMANTIC IS THAT?

Both Tim & Mary’s vulnerability is enough to make you fall in love with the characters.  Some of my favorite moments of the love story aren’t just between the two of them, but between Tim and his younger sister Kat (Lydia Wilson). I promise NO SPOILER ALERTS. Kat goes through a bit of a rough patch and Tim tries to help her be as happy as he is. You witness a bond between two people that can only be identified as siblings. As the oldest of 3, I immediately identify with Tim and that desire to help your younger siblings, even at your own sacrifice. I always find myself trying to solve my brother and sister’s issues and like Tim, I always realize I need to mind my own business. As the oldest you want the best for your siblings but sometimes you just can’t help them.

About Time film

And so at the sum of it all, ABOUT TIME portrays a range of love.  You’ll smile, you’ll laugh out loud, and you will probably cry (I almost did and I’m not the sensitive type). I’m so glad I saw this film and you will too when ABOUT TIME hits theaters everywhere November 1.

Which movies are on your favorite films list??

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